Popcorn Part 2

Well fancy that, in today’s Evening Standard they dedicated a whole page to popcorn! It was about three London entrepreneurs, after getting funded from Peter Jones in Dragons’ Den, securing a deal with Waitrose for their upmarket ‘posh’ popcorn to be sold in its stores. The company, “Love Da Popcorn” makes weird and wacky flavour combinations for the popcorn from sweet chilli and line to honey and sea salt.

To be perfectly honest, whilst my previous post told of the growing importance of popcorn in people’s lives, I didn’t really think that this news warranted a whole page (page 27) of the newspaper. Particularly as M&S have done funky popcorn for a while now and the idea of weird tasting popcorn is not new. But perhaps this demonstrates and amplifies my earlier point of the increasing interest of popcorn with the Evening Standard feeling that members of the public would prefer to read about it than local news. Or maybe they are just starting to get bored of the Olympics and eating too much popcorn as they write their articles. 

A popcorn per word/sentence can revolutionise essay/article/blog post writing.



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One thought on “Popcorn Part 2

  1. whosyourboi says:


    I just wanted to say that I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog. I’ve been reading anthropology blogs for a few years now and it’s great to see a new face in the blogosphere (figuratively). I hope you keep up the writing, it’s a great way to develop your writing and thinking. I’ve just graduated from an anth undergraduate at UCL, so if you want any advice (admittedly I might not be able to give much) you’ll have my email.

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